28 November 2010

The Kiss

"The Kiss"  Gustav Klimt
Liquid eyes conveying intensity
Of the unspoken
Instinctual body in recognition,
Held breath, tense muscles, hummingbird heartbeat
Time stops and the body hums
vibrating like single stroke of a bow on cello string
Resin evaporating in the air as friction dissolves into a rich note

nothing else exists
Hazy dream,
Mind struggling to connect with the quivering body

in a drugged state of awakeness
million beating wings

can’t breathe, can’t think, can’t resist
Infinite millisecond
Before your lips meet mine

11 November 2010


misty membrane
Am porous
to life's gifts
hope, love, joy
despair, grief, desolation
darkness deserts me
vividly wildly i dream
tonight, everynight, every moment.

08 November 2010


Words are larger than life, infinite and carelessly thrown about
Easier to utter than to live up to
Oxymoron to camoflauge real feelings, true actions, ommission
People often say "What You See Is What You Get"
Don't assume, or presume to know, you say
Yet what I see is not what you say
What you do is not what you feel
What you feel is not what you reveal
Do you hate or love? Do you judge or accept? Do you hope or despair? Are your constant smiles a front for your unspoken dark thoughts? Do you blame or understand? Do you give or take? Do you embrace or pull away?
What is Real? What do you desire? What is your tangible tactile truth you can live up to?

07 November 2010

Love & Passion

Lovers enflamed, erupting with intense passion, horizons ablaze. Like scorched earth, unquenchable thirst, all consuming.

With all life being cyclic, feverish summer will eventually give way to autumn, then winter. Paths diverge, choices to be made, one of departure from nights of fervous affair, and another of love's dance.

Love endures when leaves start to fall. Like old friends who love and accept one another for all that they are, all that they are becoming, all that you think they lack. It doesn't demand self sacrifice, but rather giving and yielding, rendezvous and meeting of minds between two very different souls.

When snow falls, lava greets the oceans, lovers effort to acknowledge one another's essence and differences. They meet eachother in a dance of give and take, should they decide to waltz. And if they dance, the cooled magma will surely give birth to coral reefs, gems, and infinite planktons.

06 November 2010

Invisible Bond

"[Friendship] is but the discovery of ourselves in others and the delight in recognition"..."for we look not with our eyes but with the mind"...

Fluid, resilient and enduring, like mist churning itself into fog, soaring high, transforming into bubbly cumulonimbus. It opens up, pours itself onto unquenched earth, to birth new life, to turn itself into oceans. Like elements, it evolves but its essence remains. Once the mind meets, it pierces past all boundaries - language, religion, time, age culture, gender. Iff true, it seldom breaks, through turmoils, deaths, marriages, divorces, failed projects, distances. Unlike blood bonds of family, it is carefully and deliberately chosen or severed.

Passionate and heated arguments, hurtful words, disagreements, third party gossips, do not dissuade. Once formed, your worst qualities, failures, negatives are inconsequent and they remain, through it all. Accepting you for who you are, for all that you are, they hold your hand through trauma till early morn; listens without resentment to your sorrows, even if it was caused by your own actions and omissions; amplifies your triumphs and magnifies your successes. No problems or joys are too big or small. Silent selfless mutual giving has no oaths - only meeting and parting of minds.

Constant and steady, they show you the light in despair, your strengths in weakness, dreams where all hopes are lost. They wear the mast of truth even when it hurts. They are there for you for no other reason than because you said you had a bad day.

03 November 2010


What if this was your dying breath
the last moment for someone to know

how much they mean

Your siblings you fight with, family you argue with, your aged parents you seldomly visit, your friends you hardly see, your loved one who's "I love you's" lost all meaning like carelessly repeated morning greetings.

Yes, the other, more probable odds are
that there is a whole lifetime

But life has its own twists and turns
So grasp this moment, fearless
Don't wait, let them know,
How much they mean

No fear, no regrets, no taking for granted, more days to come, one more breath...

02 November 2010


After all is said and done, the "right" path chosen
So why do my lips quiver

Hands tremble, Heart castanet

Galloping a thousand butterflies away from this path.

Fervous and cold, shivers as my physical denies

My teeth gnash against one another, as though through this action, it will prevent my whole being from escaping, tumbling, bursting through my body.

Involuntary tears cascade in gasps

If its so rightly chosen, why is it this hard

to say Goodbye?

31 October 2010

20 October 2010

Art in the Moment

Whilst sipping coffee and breaking fast we read the papers
Barely aware of fodder we chew and digest
Driving, a list of to do's
At work our minds excape to Bali, Phuket, destination of your choosing
Whilst our hearts pound from a destressing jog, our thoughts go over the day's events
What was done, said, heard, analysed...
Showering, our muscles yield to the cascading hot water
And even then, thoughts of dinner preparation, or other some insignificant thing
As the day closes, we numb our minds to morphine of our choosing - TV, books, games....

Incessant chatter, infinite loop of past and future
We replay in our minds
As we steal the present from ourselves

Take the time to inhale the brewing bubbles of rich Arabica aroma
Each morsel of muesli as it bursts forth between our teeth
The buttery toasted consistency and fragrance revealing itself with each bite
After all, act of devouring deliciousness of a meal, of self-nourishment, is an art in itself
intimate as a kiss...

A delicate symphony of taste, texture and temperature, if you choose to hear and dance to it
There is nothing more luxurious and decadent than rivulets of steamy water on skin
More rapturous than imbibing the vivid sunset
More exuberant than your quickening heartbeat and aching muscles
More joyous than being completely immersed in solo midnight salsa

Let each moment be a testimony of present, an artwork
Wind whispering on skin, sun's embrace, sensuous sensations
Past and Future cannot carve passionate memories on your heart
Acknowledge, pay homage to this breath, each act, task
with all that you are, engage, tango, dance, be
Do not squander a moment
with replays of non-existence

16 September 2010


Blown about the wind from being and not being with you
Its time to come home
Willing myself to cut the strings that you keep tugging
As soon as I decidedly wander farther forever
I no longer puppet dance to the tune you play
My own rhythm in head,
I sojourn the vast horizons
of infinite possibilities

14 September 2010

Wayward and Homeward

You love me, this I know
But you and I spent our time that fate gave
Impossible to reclaim
Truth revealed itself like river that divides
You cannot give me what I desire, nor I you
Why can’t love be enough?

11 September 2010


Do you think of me?
When the sun rises, when the moon floats

Do you think of me?
In your deepest despair, your joyous moments

Do you think of me?
When your head hits the pillow

Do you dream of me?
As I do with every breath I breathe

10 September 2010


Love doesn’t demand that you sacrifice
give ultimatums or that you conform or merge
You accept them for who they are with all of their so-called “faults” you see
embracing the whole and not merely selective sum of their parts
Love doesn’t ask you to give up your friends, hobbies, your favourite TV programmes, your career

“You complete me”

As romantic as it sounds, resentment sets in as your soul cries out
to be true to yourself, to honour your hopes dreams, desires.
The walls resurrect between you and your “other half”
as you need as opposed to want
as you chip away at yourself slowly in the name of love
and give up pieces of yourself as opposed to giving of yourself.

Love doesn’t ask to sacrifice anything, but simply to be all that is...you

11 August 2010


Be still
take a moment
let your soul speak
mind dream
heart hope

You are glorious
Yes, it's all possible and more

10 August 2010

For those who cannot afford to scream

Chaos all around - Dante’s favourite place. It’s an emotional carnage no one should have to ever endure. In those moments when the human soul cracks and renders forth torrential tears. Those moments when agony pours out helplessly, and open mouthed, an endless involuntary wail escapes.

Sirens’ Screams honour the injustice of desloate dark moment which the mind, eyes and ears refuses to accept and subject itself to.

Panic, resistance, anguish, horror, terror, gives birth to collective sobs, hair tearing, beating of the chest, running, falling. Yet even the honouring of the soul by expression is denied to those few, who are the watchful guardians in the dark. A few whose calling is to prevent fragility of the situation from falling into utter despair and hopelessness. Mothers, policeman, war veteran, doctors, teachers – whose chosen path required them at one moment of another to ignore their soul’s painful and rightful screeching so that others have the luxury of healing. So that their screams could one day turn into butterflies of hope.

Those guardians turn their backs, collect their breaths and cage their screaming soul, so they may comfort others who they have sworn to protect.

29 July 2010

Proof of pudding

Proof of a pudding is..... in the eating! No one else can experience those melt-in-your-mouth moments, the taste, texture, sensation, perfume, flavour, zest and scent of life other than you. I can describe it, rhyme it, but you will never know the decadent deliciousness or the deluded deception from words alone. Don't whisper words, show me - so I know, with all my being, what you are trying to tell me. The world is a forgotten library, shelved with unspoken words, uninvented ideas, unexpressed love, empty promises. Sometimes, it feels like the whole world is afraid of its own alchemy. Intentions are all too often a camouflage for inaction - a fog which dissipates with the sun or wind. Lets weave the best of of ourselves, plunge into the unknown, celebrate our bodies, express our minds, expose our souls, live the dream, bedazzle, dare, risk, plunge.

Here, now, be.... I am

27 July 2010

Pendulum Between Worlds

I believe in dreams. In living as opposed to merely existing. In dancing rather than walking. In a strange epoch where people are required to offer on the alter third of their lives to exist, I want that third to be joy-filled, creative, soulful, thought-provoking, ecstatic, passionate, orgasmic, challenging... I oscillate between dream and reality, ordinary and fantasy, requirement and abandonment, necessity and extravagance. In a world where the only sentinel between living dreams and settling for mundane is fear, and the key for unlocking, hope, I continue to swing back and forth between the two worlds. Inhalation and exhalation of time reminds us that the only moment worthy of recognition is now....
to take that leap of faith

22 July 2010

Fade Away

Despite intertwining souls and their significance, the yarn is untangled and rolled out into two separate strings. I'd like to think the lessons learnt, the past that made it what it is, means that there there is meaning, fondness and appreciation for all that was. Even if the person that you thought they were or wanted them to be doesn't turn out, what was once should still be. You don't change overnight or become clouded by delusions. The laughter, the love, the admiration and fondness should still remain. Perhaps not, when regrets stain the bedsheets and there is anger and blame you'd rather not place on yourself but on your once significant other. So your dreams can be softer, gentler than the judgment you place on others.

Do what you need to do.
Its ok, it'll all fade away, but you will always be.

21 July 2010


It's easy to play with the truth, since there is no objectivity. To absolve the self from responsibility or to place the blame on another. It's all in the eyes of the beholder. And yet, its not easy to shoulder the blame based on someone else's version of the truth, or their omission. Even if one is honourable, one is not and still loses since the beholder is the judge, the executioner and the blamer. Once when you could do no wrong, now all you are is a mountain of blame.

20 July 2010


Below the seemingly calm ocean, a powerful backwash drags me under.
So potent and unforgiving, thoughts of you pulls me down over and over in an endless cycle. The tranquil azure surface are the words we feared to speak, you and I both. We silently understood though, as we always seem to pierce eachother's souls with a single glance. No longer possible these words, emotions - however ancient, however deep. So all there is is the stormy undercurrent.

My thoughts of you persist like the waves crashing the rocky shores in an infinite loop. Resisting anguish as my eyes, heartbeat, mind and soul betrays itself. Powerlessness against the your tide that takes me. I take a deep breath and surrender to my treacherous heart hoping to resurface to emerge whole to live and love someone other than you.

19 July 2010


Goddess of fiery divine passion, she cares not for other's thoughts, judgments, conformity nor norms. Every breath she takes, she honours her true desires. Ecstasy, passion, sex, euphoria, fury, hatred, creativity, lust, loneliness, grief, jealousy, joy...

If the world said what they were truly thinking, expressed their true feelings, there would be no more exhausting pretense. Unmasked and naked, unashamed, proud, honest...God and goddesses we'd all be. Yet fear fills the lungs as we bite our lips, hide behind lies to survive, to endure, to tow the line.

choose and be, every moment.