29 July 2010

Proof of pudding

Proof of a pudding is..... in the eating! No one else can experience those melt-in-your-mouth moments, the taste, texture, sensation, perfume, flavour, zest and scent of life other than you. I can describe it, rhyme it, but you will never know the decadent deliciousness or the deluded deception from words alone. Don't whisper words, show me - so I know, with all my being, what you are trying to tell me. The world is a forgotten library, shelved with unspoken words, uninvented ideas, unexpressed love, empty promises. Sometimes, it feels like the whole world is afraid of its own alchemy. Intentions are all too often a camouflage for inaction - a fog which dissipates with the sun or wind. Lets weave the best of of ourselves, plunge into the unknown, celebrate our bodies, express our minds, expose our souls, live the dream, bedazzle, dare, risk, plunge.

Here, now, be.... I am


  1. Love this - 'intentions are all too often a camouflage for inaction.' - so true, if only a persons intentions were known, perhaps then actions wouldnt always be so necessary.


  2. Thanks! You guys inspire me constantly with your blogs too ;-) Thanks for readin!