11 August 2010


Be still
take a moment
let your soul speak
mind dream
heart hope

You are glorious
Yes, it's all possible and more

10 August 2010

For those who cannot afford to scream

Chaos all around - Dante’s favourite place. It’s an emotional carnage no one should have to ever endure. In those moments when the human soul cracks and renders forth torrential tears. Those moments when agony pours out helplessly, and open mouthed, an endless involuntary wail escapes.

Sirens’ Screams honour the injustice of desloate dark moment which the mind, eyes and ears refuses to accept and subject itself to.

Panic, resistance, anguish, horror, terror, gives birth to collective sobs, hair tearing, beating of the chest, running, falling. Yet even the honouring of the soul by expression is denied to those few, who are the watchful guardians in the dark. A few whose calling is to prevent fragility of the situation from falling into utter despair and hopelessness. Mothers, policeman, war veteran, doctors, teachers – whose chosen path required them at one moment of another to ignore their soul’s painful and rightful screeching so that others have the luxury of healing. So that their screams could one day turn into butterflies of hope.

Those guardians turn their backs, collect their breaths and cage their screaming soul, so they may comfort others who they have sworn to protect.