23 March 2011


Revealing the best of yourself, conveying your intense spiralling-out-of-control love and affection. Breathing eachother in, appreciating every word, action, feelings, attention. Attentive, watchful, careful, tender, loving, caring, like newly hatched chick warm in your palm.

How soon after does the moon wane. Where “I love you”‘s have become a greeting. Other things and people capture attention.

That you no longer take the time to listen with your being, as through embracing all he has to say, as though she is the only one in the room. No one else matters.

No longer worshipping, ambivalent, to her little smiles, to his breakfasts in bed, to her little gestures, to his interests. Instead, routine sets in - carelessly comfortable, treating eachother like beloved ornaments in a house, where once stood a soulmate.

She’ll always be there. Or will he?