06 November 2010

Invisible Bond

"[Friendship] is but the discovery of ourselves in others and the delight in recognition"..."for we look not with our eyes but with the mind"...

Fluid, resilient and enduring, like mist churning itself into fog, soaring high, transforming into bubbly cumulonimbus. It opens up, pours itself onto unquenched earth, to birth new life, to turn itself into oceans. Like elements, it evolves but its essence remains. Once the mind meets, it pierces past all boundaries - language, religion, time, age culture, gender. Iff true, it seldom breaks, through turmoils, deaths, marriages, divorces, failed projects, distances. Unlike blood bonds of family, it is carefully and deliberately chosen or severed.

Passionate and heated arguments, hurtful words, disagreements, third party gossips, do not dissuade. Once formed, your worst qualities, failures, negatives are inconsequent and they remain, through it all. Accepting you for who you are, for all that you are, they hold your hand through trauma till early morn; listens without resentment to your sorrows, even if it was caused by your own actions and omissions; amplifies your triumphs and magnifies your successes. No problems or joys are too big or small. Silent selfless mutual giving has no oaths - only meeting and parting of minds.

Constant and steady, they show you the light in despair, your strengths in weakness, dreams where all hopes are lost. They wear the mast of truth even when it hurts. They are there for you for no other reason than because you said you had a bad day.

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