02 November 2010


After all is said and done, the "right" path chosen
So why do my lips quiver

Hands tremble, Heart castanet

Galloping a thousand butterflies away from this path.

Fervous and cold, shivers as my physical denies

My teeth gnash against one another, as though through this action, it will prevent my whole being from escaping, tumbling, bursting through my body.

Involuntary tears cascade in gasps

If its so rightly chosen, why is it this hard

to say Goodbye?


  1. There is no Ending ,that has connected your Soul ,We all can say Goodbye ,start something anew ,There will only be unclosed Door ,as It went Unnoticed .
    You Love ,You Know ,Whispers Flow All Around ,As you Feel ,A love that never had a chance to Bloom

  2. Letting my Breath Out ,One Tear Drop ,One Smile ,as One waits in Shadows ,Not To be seen ,as Right Path ,you have chosen,The butterflies slide away ,To Hide what you Don't wish to See

  3. Love ,we share ,belief will always stay .

  4. Ah, you made me cry! Poignant - love never having had a chance to blossom. Sometimes, souls dance in perfect rhythm but when all has been said and tried there is nothing else left...Sometimes, acts of goodbyes are unilateral which you accept and agree, because all else was done. Even when you love, even when your soul aches, and pebbles in your throat remain burning heavy so you can't quite manage to swallow away. When you have fought and raged against the dying light you have to at some point let it all go.... Acceptance, moving on and closing the door is the best act of kindness one can give someone and yourself after everything else is done.

  5. You are quiet correct ,when all has been exhausted to all exceeding limits ,only thing one could ,offer in respect ,is to let it all go ,accepting what once was ,and shall not ever be ,now that shall forever make me cry ,Tears of understanding and acceptance ,when both hearts ,feel that is only way ,should be .
    Closing the door ,to allow another door to open ,up for the one ,that I love ,as those pebbles in my throat ,feeling my soul ache deeply ,shall forever ,be with me ,as once your soul ,loves ,there shall not be another door to open ,not for my heart .
    so very correct in means of how life can fall upon ,with two that ,once love and find ,it shall be better to move on ,for chance for love to seep deeply within their soul .so true .

  6. shall the dance in perfect rhythm,begin ,as loss vows ,The Door ,slowly closes .
    As another Door opens ,one will accept ,hold strong faith ,The Sun rays ,will warm all that steps ,through that open door .

  7. So why did then the souls know all the dance the steps without ever having danced before? I don't think it should be an act of matyrdom, since the souls would both miss the moment and let life and love and happiness go by. So what happens to the souls?

  8. Its really beautiful what you write, thanks for your comments. They really moved me today.

  9. It's the fear of being mistaken, because sometimes we can't see the whole and sometimes we are selfish and only see/feel what we want to. But the pull is strong and we wonder are we following the pull of the Universe or of our selfish selves?