07 November 2010

Love & Passion

Lovers enflamed, erupting with intense passion, horizons ablaze. Like scorched earth, unquenchable thirst, all consuming.

With all life being cyclic, feverish summer will eventually give way to autumn, then winter. Paths diverge, choices to be made, one of departure from nights of fervous affair, and another of love's dance.

Love endures when leaves start to fall. Like old friends who love and accept one another for all that they are, all that they are becoming, all that you think they lack. It doesn't demand self sacrifice, but rather giving and yielding, rendezvous and meeting of minds between two very different souls.

When snow falls, lava greets the oceans, lovers effort to acknowledge one another's essence and differences. They meet eachother in a dance of give and take, should they decide to waltz. And if they dance, the cooled magma will surely give birth to coral reefs, gems, and infinite planktons.

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