19 July 2010


Goddess of fiery divine passion, she cares not for other's thoughts, judgments, conformity nor norms. Every breath she takes, she honours her true desires. Ecstasy, passion, sex, euphoria, fury, hatred, creativity, lust, loneliness, grief, jealousy, joy...

If the world said what they were truly thinking, expressed their true feelings, there would be no more exhausting pretense. Unmasked and naked, unashamed, proud, honest...God and goddesses we'd all be. Yet fear fills the lungs as we bite our lips, hide behind lies to survive, to endure, to tow the line.

choose and be, every moment.

1 comment:

  1. hiding ,wearing a mask ,walls ,many crippling areas ,that became a comfort over the years ,never was their a love that ,filled every sense ,that made a struggle worth ,all I held ,to get back to you ,to be all i know i am ,to love you in all i know you are .