31 October 2010

20 October 2010

Art in the Moment

Whilst sipping coffee and breaking fast we read the papers
Barely aware of fodder we chew and digest
Driving, a list of to do's
At work our minds excape to Bali, Phuket, destination of your choosing
Whilst our hearts pound from a destressing jog, our thoughts go over the day's events
What was done, said, heard, analysed...
Showering, our muscles yield to the cascading hot water
And even then, thoughts of dinner preparation, or other some insignificant thing
As the day closes, we numb our minds to morphine of our choosing - TV, books, games....

Incessant chatter, infinite loop of past and future
We replay in our minds
As we steal the present from ourselves

Take the time to inhale the brewing bubbles of rich Arabica aroma
Each morsel of muesli as it bursts forth between our teeth
The buttery toasted consistency and fragrance revealing itself with each bite
After all, act of devouring deliciousness of a meal, of self-nourishment, is an art in itself
intimate as a kiss...

A delicate symphony of taste, texture and temperature, if you choose to hear and dance to it
There is nothing more luxurious and decadent than rivulets of steamy water on skin
More rapturous than imbibing the vivid sunset
More exuberant than your quickening heartbeat and aching muscles
More joyous than being completely immersed in solo midnight salsa

Let each moment be a testimony of present, an artwork
Wind whispering on skin, sun's embrace, sensuous sensations
Past and Future cannot carve passionate memories on your heart
Acknowledge, pay homage to this breath, each act, task
with all that you are, engage, tango, dance, be
Do not squander a moment
with replays of non-existence