22 July 2010

Fade Away

Despite intertwining souls and their significance, the yarn is untangled and rolled out into two separate strings. I'd like to think the lessons learnt, the past that made it what it is, means that there there is meaning, fondness and appreciation for all that was. Even if the person that you thought they were or wanted them to be doesn't turn out, what was once should still be. You don't change overnight or become clouded by delusions. The laughter, the love, the admiration and fondness should still remain. Perhaps not, when regrets stain the bedsheets and there is anger and blame you'd rather not place on yourself but on your once significant other. So your dreams can be softer, gentler than the judgment you place on others.

Do what you need to do.
Its ok, it'll all fade away, but you will always be.

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