08 November 2010


Words are larger than life, infinite and carelessly thrown about
Easier to utter than to live up to
Oxymoron to camoflauge real feelings, true actions, ommission
People often say "What You See Is What You Get"
Don't assume, or presume to know, you say
Yet what I see is not what you say
What you do is not what you feel
What you feel is not what you reveal
Do you hate or love? Do you judge or accept? Do you hope or despair? Are your constant smiles a front for your unspoken dark thoughts? Do you blame or understand? Do you give or take? Do you embrace or pull away?
What is Real? What do you desire? What is your tangible tactile truth you can live up to?


  1. this is so beautiful.

    such beautiful words.

    what a wonderful blog.