16 September 2010


Blown about the wind from being and not being with you
Its time to come home
Willing myself to cut the strings that you keep tugging
As soon as I decidedly wander farther forever
I no longer puppet dance to the tune you play
My own rhythm in head,
I sojourn the vast horizons
of infinite possibilities

14 September 2010

Wayward and Homeward

You love me, this I know
But you and I spent our time that fate gave
Impossible to reclaim
Truth revealed itself like river that divides
You cannot give me what I desire, nor I you
Why can’t love be enough?

11 September 2010


Do you think of me?
When the sun rises, when the moon floats

Do you think of me?
In your deepest despair, your joyous moments

Do you think of me?
When your head hits the pillow

Do you dream of me?
As I do with every breath I breathe

10 September 2010


Love doesn’t demand that you sacrifice
give ultimatums or that you conform or merge
You accept them for who they are with all of their so-called “faults” you see
embracing the whole and not merely selective sum of their parts
Love doesn’t ask you to give up your friends, hobbies, your favourite TV programmes, your career

“You complete me”

As romantic as it sounds, resentment sets in as your soul cries out
to be true to yourself, to honour your hopes dreams, desires.
The walls resurrect between you and your “other half”
as you need as opposed to want
as you chip away at yourself slowly in the name of love
and give up pieces of yourself as opposed to giving of yourself.

Love doesn’t ask to sacrifice anything, but simply to be all that is...you